Versatile chemical solutions

Matco nv offers a wide variety of solutions and products for textile, adhesive and chemistry industries. We manufacture, store and supply chemicals, adhesives and various compounds on demand and by order. We develop, create and produce customised chemicals, and manage both hazardous and non-hazardous waste products. All of this in accordance with the most severe environment, health and safety regulations.


Matco manufactures compounds, water-based adhesives, excipients and solutions for various industrial applications.

Customised compounds based on various polymers.

Based on both synthetic polymers and natural polymers.


PVB recycling from windscreens and safety glass.

Trading & Distribution

Matco stores a wide range of chemicals. The company is licensed to store these chemicals, and also offers customised solutions and mixtures.
Matco offers a very diverse range of products: from basic chemicals to specific chemicals for special applications.
Matco is an acknowledged distributor of Aquapharm Ltd (India). Matco distributes various products from China and India, and has an international network of manufacturers of chemical products.
Moreover, Matco makes products and emulsions out of various basic chemicals or specific chemicals.

Waste & Recycling

Matco offers a complete package for waste management. More than 30 years of experience in durable and customised waste solutions.
Matco applies circular economy by processing every waste stream to obtain energy or a new raw material, both in its own installations and in external processing sites.
Matco specialises in repackaging of liquid chemical products. From bulk to 1,000L and 200L containers.
Matco offers proper solutions for damage cases, residues, off-spec or contaminated material or overstock.

6,000m² warehouse for storage of raw materials and trading products – particular areas for various waste products.

Het Matco team, expertise sinds 1983.

Francis Vanbiervliet

General Manager
Production & Trading

Hilde Delannoy

& Distribution

Hein Joosten

& New or international business

Alex Charlets

Adhesives / Compounding
& Research

Jochen Verbrugghe

& Solutions

Tom Plets

Sales Manager