Second-choice chemical products

Over 30 years ago, in a time when ecology was unknown to general industry, this activity established one of the first full service departments of Matco nv. Since its beginning, Matco chose to apply circular economy and the cradle-to-cradle principle, even long before these terms were even invented. All those years of experience taught us to offer ready-made solutions within the multitude of chemical industries, in order to ensure recuperation and valorisation of ‘problematic’ cases. This way, an adequate answer can quickly be given to every industrial branch, within the wide variety in chemistry. A few examples of damages, residues, off-spec or contaminated material, and overstock:

  • Water-based dispersions (based on acrylate, vinyl acetate, latex, polyurethane, etc.)
  • Titanium dioxides (rutile and anatase, or mixtures with other fillers)
  • Alkaline buffers (Na2CO3, NaOH, KOH, etc.)
  • Inorganic metallurgic products
  • Organic solvents (even strongly contaminated)
  • Bacteriologic degradable products

This list is unlimited, but has boundaries where economy and ecology are no longer combined, and the only focus is on energy generation from destruction.