Storage & repackaging

Matco Group Storage and Repackaging
Matco Group Storage and Repackaging

Considering its strategical location (at 100km from the port of Antwerp (B), at 200km from Rotterdam (NL) and at 200km of Le Havre (F)) and the logistic platform, Matco is perfectly situated for the storage and transhipment of products for the chemical and textile industries.

At the end of 2006 Matco initiated a very ambitious investment programme on production capacity and storage capacity. Matco disposes of 11,000m² whereof a 6,000m² warehouse and a 3,000m² production hall. The company has all required licences in accordance with the strictest environment, health and safety regulations.

  • Storage capacity (tanks): from 20 to 60 tons
  • Two chalk silos of 120 ton each
  • Fully equipped lab
  • Efficient and logistic platform

Matco is also specialised in repackaging of liquid chemical products from bulk to 1,000L IBCs and 200L containers.