Waste collection & processing

Matco contributes to the circular economy by processing every waste stream into new raw material, or by converting it in energy, as well as in its own installations as through external processing sites. Matco offers you a full package when it comes to waste management. We arrange everything when it comes to waste and waste processing in a durable way, for all waste products, even in small quantities. We offer a customised total solution for the collection, processing, treatment, cleaning and transport of waste products.

A selection of our services:
  • Industrial tank cleaning
  • Clearing of abandoned industrial sites
  • Clearing after calamities (fire, flooding, leakage, accident, etc.)
  • Collection, transportation and processing of hazardous waste: solvents, acids, oil waste, resins, adhesives, bases, toxic products, oxidising products, etc.
  • Collection of extraordinary and hazardous waste: ink, paint waste, empty contaminated packaging, lab waste, sprays, contaminated clearing waste, batteries, etc.
  • Transport and processing of industrial waste water and sludge.
  • Reuse of overstock into the production process, or search for an adequate application of your overstock.

Acknowledged collector for the entire Belgian territory.
Approval number OVAM (Public Waste Agency of Flanders: 3301.
Environmental licence with a.o. storage of 515 tons of hazardous waste.